Ivel Valley School

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Healthy School

Ivel Valley is part of the Bedfordshire Health in School programme and we work in partnership with them. We have achieved and have maintained our Healthy School status.

School Meals and Morning Snacks

Ivel Valley School promotes healthy eating and an awareness of healthy food choices. Working with our contract caterer, we offer a range of tasty lunch-time menus which are appetising, nutritious and well-balanced.

Parents/carers are encouraged to send in a healthy snack for our mid-morning break which boosts students’ energy and reinforces the healthy eating message.

Cold water is available to all pupils throughout the day and is easily accessible throughout the school.

Physical Education

Physical education forms an important part of our curriculum. It contributes to fitness, aids coordination and promotes team work. We encourage all pupils to actively participate in sport and dance lessons within the limits of their physical abilities.

The school directly employs a part time Physical Education Teacher who works in close liaison with the East Beds Sports Partnership. Additionally, working in partnership with Saxon Pool and Samuel Pepys School we aim to ensure that all our pupils have the opportunity to participate in swimming or hydrotherapy whilst at Ivel Valley School.

Saxon Pool provides qualified instructors to support swimming lessons across the school. We aim to ensure that those pupils who are able, achieve certification for a 25 metres swim.

Our session with Samuel Pepys School recognises both the physical and psychological benefits of hydrotherapy and allows our pupils with disabilities to perform activities in the water that may not be possible outside the pool.