Ivel Valley School

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Ivel Valley School adopted the Move programme in 2009. We have a Move team comprising our Move trainers, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and the Move Practitioners.

Melanie Moffat and Emilie Smith are qualified Move trainers and can offer training to members of staff to work as Move practitioners. All staff across the school are familiar with the Move program and its Ethos.

For pupils on the Move programme a meeting is held annually with the Move team and the child’s parents to set long term goals and short term objectives for increased mobility and independent posture.

The Move ethos has permeated the school and for all children the principles of Move now apply – to make children as mobile as possible – not just ensuring that their wheelchairs are the best fit – but looking to find ways to get them out of their chairs and sitting, standing and walking with as little support as is possible.

Once a week Movement groups are held to encourage a wide range of pupils to be active and develop a wide range of physical skills. Both the Secondary and Primary site have Multi-sensory Interactive Learning Environments (MILE) that have been set up to encourage all our pupils to be physically active through their learning experiences.

Every year we participate in a Move day with the support of the Move programme, this year the theme is  Move on Holiday and we will be celebrating it as a whole school on Wednesday 14th June.