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School Uniform

We believe that the wearing of school uniform is an important aspect of school life, both in terms of helping to generate a feeling of identity, a sense of belonging and in team bonding.

Ivel Valley School believes this is of particular importance to students with Special Educational Needs as it provides an added identity and safety measure when involved in educational activities outside of school premises.

In designing the Ivel Valley School uniform we have carefully considered the difficulties that some of our pupils experience with certain types of clothing and also the cost which parents/carers have to bear.

Our basic uniform, which has been designed to be simple, comfortable and user friendly, comprises a sweatshirt bearing the school badge in royal blue for the primary site and navy for the secondary site, white polo shirt with or without school badge, dark grey or black long trousers and black shoes.

Girls have the option of wearing dark grey or black skirts if they wish.

PE kit comprises black shorts and white ‘T’ shirt with trainers or plimsolls. Swimwear is required for pool sessions.

We do expect pupils to observe the uniform code; but we are willing to discuss and agree suitable variations with parents/carers where particular needs arise.

16+ Dress

In keeping with other secondary schools, we relax the uniform code for pupils in years 12 to 14 (post-16) and allow older students to wear their own choice of clothes to school if they wish. However, we do insist on a dress code of ‘smart casual’ and expect pupils to dress accordingly.

In particular, jeans, denim jackets. hoodies and clothing bearing inappropriate or offensive wording, pictures or slogans are prohibited.

Satellite Classes

Pupils based in our satellite classes wear the uniform of their ‘host’ school.


The wearing of jewellery is inappropriate for school activities because of the potential for injury or loss. Pupils may, however, wear a wristwatch and/or a small item of religious expression if they wish. All other items of jewellery are prohibited.