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Short Break services for children and teenagers with disabilities

Consultation closes: 1st March 2017

The council is reviewing the way that short break services are funded and delivered to ensure that we can continue to provide effective and high-quality services, giving choice and opportunity to children and teenagers with disabilities and their families.

You are invited to complete the following survey to let us know your views on the proposed changes to funding and future design of the short break service. All feedback from the consultation will be put forward to members for further consideration.
Please read our supporting documents and our current Short Breaks Statement before taking part:

survey-changes to services for children with disabilities

161205 revised V6 Families Consultation on Short Breaks – Questionnaire

161206 CwD v2 Consultation document

161206 Proposed Eligibility Threshold Criteria

Children with Disabilities Consultation – Draft EIA

Short Breaks Review – Final