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Ivel Valley School Post 16 curriculum is designed to celebrate success for all! We aim to develop in each student aspirations to succeed and achieve their best, while providing a foundation for lifelong learning.

Roger Williams

Roger Williams is the Assistant Principal responsible for the college site.  Roger oversees all aspects of college life including Curriculum, The Careers Programme and Pastoral Support.

In Key Stage 5 we aim to build on experience gained in Key Stage 4, extending the opportunities for the development of:

  • Student choice.
  • Student independent living.
  • Social skills.
  • Vocational and work related learning.

Students follow personalised and flexible learning programmes to support individual needs.

There are a range of opportunities available in Key Stage 5 in addition to the Curriculum, namely:

  • College link days at Bedford /North Herts College / Wheels-Vocational Multi skills programme.
  • Duke of Edinburgh Award – Bronze and Silver.
  • NCS Programme which involves a residential visit (bi-annual).
  • Copelands and Northfields, both horticulture projects involving socialisation with local residents in the area.
  • Community programme working with The Rotary Club.
  • Extended work related opportunities / Individual work placements.
  • Ongoing Enterprise opportunities, eg. Catering for staff lunches, coffee shop (Chapter House), making celebratory gifts.
  • Jobs around school eg. Recycling, delivering stationery and the post.
  • Accessing and using public transport, travel training by bus and train and the opportunity to drive a car.
  • Increased community leisure opportunities eg, public swim and gym.
  • Hosting coffee mornings and organising fund raising events.