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The Three Tier Approach

Overall, school wide PBS is broken into three tiers. Prior to implementing the model all staff are provided with training on what school wide PBS is but this will be couched within a clinical understanding of attachment, trauma and impact on the brain.

The first tier builds the foundation and ensures that there is consistent implementation of school values along with praise when the values are followed and clear and consistent methods of discipline when they are broken. The second tier addresses the support of pupils who break the school values to ensure that they have additional support to follow them. The final tier is for a small selection of pupils who do not follow school values and where tier two methods have not addressed the breaking values (i.e. the pupil continues to break the rules). Systems that are used in tier three include comprehensive functional assessment to develop a behaviour support plan. All staff working with that pupil will then receive training based on the behaviour skills training approach to enable them to follow the behaviour support plan comprehensively.  

The overall PBS approach developed for Ivel Valley works within a tiered model outlined below: