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Announcements: We are desperately seeking donations of Sainsbury's Active Kids vouchers; please collect as many as you can to help provide the children with exciting new equipment and experiences - Thank You. ******* Sports Relief Day is 18th March. Ivel Valley School is taking part with many fun events. Details to follow soon.

Welcome to Ivel Valley School

The most important part of any school is the quality of relationships. Ivel Valley is a happy school with a supportive, welcoming and positive environment for all students.

As a result, young people grow in confidence and are able to participate in a wide range of opportunities available at Ivel Valley which enhances their emotional and physical health and well-being.

We encourage our students to follow their interests, develop new skills and above all fully enjoy all aspects of school life.

So for any new parents or carers visiting the website, my message to you is that you are very welcome to our school. We are proud to offer a warm, caring and safe environment for your child to come to and learn in.

We pride ourselves too in our ability to treat each child individually, to address their needs and to make them feel both safe and ready to take up the challenge of learning. We offer an environment where children can enjoy themselves with others, and acquire the life skills and the academic and vocational skills they will need to maximise their potential.

Ivel Valley School is a learning community; we work together in a creative way to provide a dynamic learning experience for all. We want our students to reach their full potential by following a learning programme that meets their individual needs.

You are most welcome to visit Ivel Valley School to see our students participating in the variety of opportunities and activities available.

Julie Mudd

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