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Special School Outreach Service

Special School Outreach Service

ASD Advisory support

Ivel Valley Schools runs an outreach programme specifically for students with ASD.

The aim of ASD Advisory Support is to enable mainstream settings to both understand and implement appropriate provision for students with ASD.

This service is provided to all mainstream lower, middle and upper schools in the north east region of Central Bedfordshire. Referrals and updates for advice can be made by the mainstream schools directly to our service with parental permission.

We provide a range of ASD Training packages and further personalised advice for individual students who have either EHCP or fall within Stage 2 of the Graduated Response.

We continue supporting the students as they progress through the different phases of education.

Please contact the school for more information.

early intervention

Ivel Valley School is committed to supporting children and young people who have special educational needs and disabilities (SEND). This includes those children and young people who are being educated in mainstream.

Our Early Intervention Team is funded by Central Bedfordshire Council, as part of a one year project. Claire Walmsley and Kelly King both work part time as the Early Intervention Advisory teachers for the northern and eastern parts of Central Bedfordshire. The rest of their week they are class teachers at Ivel Valley School.

The Early Intervention Team are able to offer schools support in educating children and young people with SEND within their own setting. Children can be at the early stages of support and don’t have to have an Education, Health and Care Plan to qualify for support. The Early Intervention Service is open to pupils who have a wide range of special educational needs and doesn’t require any specific diagnosis.

Our team are able to offer bespoke support in school, they are also able to offer or source training for schools. In addition we offer some limited opportunities for mainstream colleagues to join Kelly and Claire in the classroom to share ideas and see their recommendations in practice.

 Please contact the school for more information.