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Special School Outreach Service

Special School Outreach Service

Ivel Valley Special School Outreach Service is a service to our catchment mainstream schools who require support in successfully meeting the needs of pupils/students with SEND. This includes pupils/students with an identified learning difficulty, pupils/students with ASD and those with similar needs who are undiagnosed at the time of referral.  Our consultations are aimed at raising confidence and capacity in schools to meet the needs of pupils/students with SEND, where we are the most appropriate service for their primary area of need.   

Schools can refer pupils/students in Year 1 – Year 11 who require early intervention, those at Stage Two who could benefit from professional advice, as well as those with an existing Education Health and Care Plan.

Referrals are appropriate for pupils/students who experience ongoing challenges in one or more of the following areas:

  • accessing the curriculum and/or achieving their potential;
  • accessing the school environment and wider school life;
  • forming and sustaining relationships with others;

when these challenges are directly related to an identified learning difficulty or social communication need.

All referrals to Special School Outreach are now made by the Central Bedfordshire Single Referral Form on the Central Bedfordshire website.