Who’s Who

Who’s Who

Please see our current staff list below:

Full Staff List 2018

Ivel Valley Senior Leadership Team

Joe Creswick


Audrey Webb

Vice Principal

Roger Williams

Assistant Principal

Emily Sidhu

Assistant Principal

Ruth Ellison

Senior Leader (Promoting Pupil Progress)

Hannah Doran

School Business Manager

Sarah Hall

Head of
EYFS/Key Stage 1

Sarah Morrish

Head of Key Stage 2

Lyn Hawkins

Head of Key Stage 3

Tania Davidson

Head of Key Stage 4

Veronica Davies

Head of Key Stage 5

Wendy Chantrell

TLR Physical Integration

Sarah Hill

TLR Sensory Integration

Mel Moffat


David Sewell

TLR Communication

Emilie Smith

TLR Profound Impairment Communication

Joe Creswick Principle
Audrey Webb Vice Principal
Roger Williams Senior Leader (promoting pupil progress)​
Gill Needham Assistant Headteacher
Audrey Webb Head of School
Roger Williams Assistant Headteacher