Ivel Valley

Who’s Who

Ivel Valley Senior Leadership Team

Joe Creswick


Emily Sidhu

Deputy Headteacher

Hannah Doran

School Business Manager

Rachel Kruger

Assistant Headteacher

Ruth Ellison

Assistant Headteacher

Roger Williams

Assistant Headteacher responsible for College

Tom Potts

Positive Behavioural Support Lead

Helen Whybrow

Helen Whybrow

Lead Practitioner for Curriculum

Lynn Hawkins

Assistant Headteacher responsible for KS5

Ivel Valley Key Stage Leadership Team

Amber Collingwood

Amber Collingwood

Head of
EYFS/Key Stage 1

Matt Ricketts (2)

Matt Ricketts

Head of Key Stage 3

Lindsey Clarke

Head of Key Stage 2

Lauren Steels

Head of Key Stage 2

Aaron Norwood

Head of Key Stage 4

                                    Teaching & Learning Curriculum Leads


  • Matt Ricketts – Maths
  • Gail Larkman & Joe Creswick  English
  • Sarah Hill – Sensory & Integration
  • Wendy Chantrell – Physical Development
  • Sarah Hall – Knowledge & Understanding of the World
  • Jo Wright – Art & Design
  • Melanie Moffat – MOVE
  • Dave Sewell – 19-25 Provision / IQM
  • Emilie Smith – Complex Learning Difficulties & Disabilities
  • Helen Whybrow – Personal, Social & Emotional Development (PSED)
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