Early Years & KS1

We recognise that children in the early stages of development learn best through play and experience.

To that end we believe that the Ivel Valley Framework, which incorporates the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum, and teaching approaches are best suited to all children in the Early Years and Key Stage One.

Children in the Early Years and Key Stage One are educated together in a separate unit to the main school. They are split into two classes at points during their day, however, the Ivel Valley approach is distinct from many other schools in that the children in EYs & KS1 learn through free flow play across the unit’s classrooms and purpose built outdoor learning environment.

We use the Ivel Valley framework which incorporates the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum (click here for the framework) in Early Years and Key Stage 1 as it is the most developmentally appropriate curriculum for children in the early stages of their learning.

The Early Years and Key Stage One curriculum is divided into seven Areas of Learning, which is then sub-divided into aspects.

Aspects of Learning and Development

The table below shows the individual aspects of each area of learning and development.

Area of Learning and Development


Prime Areas

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Making Relationships

Self-confidence and Self-awareness

Managing Feelings and Behaviour

Physical Development

Moving and Handling

Health and Self-care

Communication and Language

Listening and Attention/Receptive Communication


Speaking/Expressive Communication

Specific Areas






Shape, Space and Measure

Understanding the World

People and Communities

The World


Expressive Arts and Design

Exploring and Using Media and Materials

Being Imaginative

The Areas of Learning are delivered through half termly topics which rotate on a three year cycle.

Curriculum Overview



We use the following phonics schemes in Key Stage 1;