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Ivel Valley delivers learning through an imaginative, inspiring, challenging, fun and dynamic curriculum and one that is planned carefully to make sure it meets the particular learning needs of all the pupils.

The curriculum is broad and balanced with communication, social and independence skills at its core, promoting high levels of achievement.

The curriculum is underpinned by robust assessment systems which identify pupil progress over time in a range of different areas. We aim for each pupil to succeed in achieving their best and to learn lifelong skills.

Our curriculum is planned with the pupils’ needs is mind and is a model which supports personalised learning. The curriculum is delivered through high quality teaching and through an understanding of each pupil’s needs. We deliver a curriculum which is rich in opportunities and experiences and one that ensures lifelong learning.

Our curriculum provides:

  • A range of activities to help pupils develop and progress socially, emotionally and physically
  • Practical and creative activities
  • Regular opportunities to practise literacy and numeracy skills in real-life situations
  • Fun and engagement
  • First-hand experiences including visits out and visitors in
  • Multi-sensory approaches
  • Communication opportunities
  • Emphasis on developing communication, personal and interaction skills
  • Outdoor learning
  • Wide spread use of technology to enhance and support learning

In the Early Years Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 – 4, pupils are taught mainly in their class groups by their class teacher, with some subjects such as P.E. taught by specialist subject teachers. The school uses a set of cross-curricular themes in its curriculum at KS1 – 3 and whilst the broad subject areas and themes remain similar, specific curriculum objective and activities will change depending on pupils’ area of need.

Our curriculum ensures that pupils receive experiences and opportunities to develop their knowledge, acquire new skills and attributes in ways that will guarantee that learning is relevant to every pupil.

All pupils will have short term outcomes set at their annual review meeting in conjunction with parents and carers and these targets will be embedded with the curriculum provided to each pupil.  Progress to short and long term EHCP outcomes will form part of the assessment process.