Ivel Valley

Key Stages

From Early Years through to Key Stage 5, here at Ivel Valley we have dedicated and highly qualified staff, establishing Ivel Valley School as a ‘Centre of Excellence’.

Our curriculum is tailored to the individual and each pupil’s individual needs are at the centre of all learning opportunities.

We ensure that our planning and delivery across the Key Stage allows for staff to constantly adjust and vary the presentation and delivery of the lessons and to adapt according to the pupil’s needs. Each pupil will have a Personal Learning Plan which staff use alongside lesson plans to support each pupil meet their personal targets and work towards achieving their long term targets and aspirations for the future.

We ensure that each pupil is provided with a tool to communicate their needs, choices and interests by using a variety of approaches including Signalong, Pictorial Exchange System (PECs), symbol boards, iPad application and objects to support pupils’ learning at different levels.

For more information about Key Stages or to book an appointment with our Key Stage Leaders, please contact school reception.

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