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Intensive Interaction

Intensive interaction is a play based approach to support with early interaction skills.

The approach helps the child and their communication partner to relate better to each other and enjoy each other’s company more. It helps them develop their communication abilities.

In Intensive interaction the communication partner works on being a better communication partner and so supports the person with learning disabilities develop confidence and competence as a communicator. It enables us to focus on the quality of our everyday interactions.

During intensive interaction you:

  • Adjust interpersonal behaviours – altering our voice or gaze or body language to make us less threatening and more interesting.
  • Take the other person’s lead – respond to things they do. This can be by commenting on their actions, joining in with them, playfully imitating them. By responding instead of leading we don’t make demands on the person that they cannot cope with.
  • We allow them to chance to explore with initiation and to take the lead. The ‘topic of conversation’ is within their realm of interest. Treat the things the person does as if this is communication.
  • We read social meaning into actions even when this meaning isn’t yet clear.
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