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In Key Stage 4 we encourage students to reach their full potential, academically and in their personal and social development. We encourage independence in the preparation for adulthood.

The National Curriculum subjects form the foundation of the curriculum with an emphasis on the development of practical skills for independence and work related learning. The majority of students follow a thematic curriculum which allows opportunities to develop personal and social skills essential for making a positive impact on those around them. It also allows for different leaning styles and interests with a focus on links into the community. It prepares students for the next stage of their education with increased confidence and independence.

The emphasis at Key Stage 4 is to widen the range of experiences that the students receive to broaden their learning. Some students achieve qualifications in Functional Skills, whilst others access a more multi-sensory nurturing curriculum to raise self-esteem and reduce anxiety. Vocational experiences and Work Related Learning are offered to all students.

The curriculum is divided into eight Areas of Learning, which is then sub-divided into aspects.

Aspects of Learning and Development

The table below shows the individual aspects of each area of learning and development.

Area of Learning and DevelopmentAspect
Prime Areas
Personal, Social and Emotional DevelopmentMaking Relationships
Managing feelings & behaviour
Self-confidence & self-awareness
Physical Development
Physical knowledge and skills
Communication and LanguageListening and Attention

Life and Living Skills


Environment and Community
Health and Self-care
Household Tasks
Specific Areas
Reading – Understanding
Shape, space and measure
Understanding the WorldPeople and Communities
The World
Expressive Arts and DesignBeing Imaginative
Exploring and Using Media & Materials

In KS4 there are a range of opportunities offered based on individual leaning styles and abilities, such as:-

  • Work related learning experiences
  • Travel training in the local community
  • Independence and life skills including shopping cooking and budgeting
  • Sex and relationships education
  • Duke of Edinburgh Award
  • Vocational experiences which include cooking & hospitality, drama and enterprise.
Courses and Accreditations 
In KS4 we offer the following the accreditations:
Pearsons Functional skills in English and Maths from Entry Level 1 to Level 2.
We also offer the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze award. All students are able to experience what the Duke of Edinburgh is like and can choose to complete the award.
More information can be found here https://www.dofe.org/

Curriculum Overview

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