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Sibling Support

Do you have a brother or sister that attends Ivel Valley School & College?

For some children it can be really hard to understand your brother or sister’s condition. Many siblings feel that they don’t know what’s happening and would like to know more. We want our siblings at Ivel Valley to understand better and therefore want YOU to ask questions so we can support you.

  • Do you ever wonder if your brother or sister does work at school?
  • Or think about what their classroom might look like?
  • Have you ever wanted to see your brother or sister’s school?
  • Do you think about how their school day might be different to yours?
  • Where do they eat their lunch?
  • What does the playground look like?
 Please submit your questions below and we can get back to you with your answers! We can’t wait to hear from you….


SIBS is a charity that provides support for siblings of children with SEN. Their website also provides advice for parents in helping their children understand sibling’s disabilities.

Sibling advice:





Parent advice:



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