Ivel Valley

Positive Behaviour Support

At Ivel Valley we recognise that all behaviours are a communication and it is our responsibility to work with pupils, families and other professionals to identify the purpose of these behaviours. This enables us to be proactive and implement strategies to support the individual pupil.

The principles of Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) at Ivel Valley:

  1. All behaviours happen for a reason and it is our responsibility to ensure the needs of the pupils are met.
  2. The PBS approach is data led and enables us to identify potential causes or triggers of behaviours of challenge or concern.
  3. The assessment, development and implementation of PBS plans are carried out in partnership with our pupils and all those involved with them.
  4. The strategies developed are designed to increase quality of life for the individual and teach skills to replace behaviours of concern.
  5. Lead Practitioner for PBS will work in partnership to provide training, support and guidance to ensure consistent implementation. 
  6. PBS plans will be monitored, evaluated and where necessary changed to support the individual’s needs. 


The Three Tier Approach 

Ivel Valley has adopted a three-tier school and college wide model of Positive Behaviour Support (PBS). The aim of PBS is to improve the lives of individual pupils and those around them. We aim to do this by teaching new skills to replace behaviours of concern or challenge. The pupil is placed at the heart of every decision we make and PBS plans are created in partnership with families, carers and any other key stakeholders.  

If you would like any further information on PBS and how we can support or to make a referral please contact Tom Potts. 


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