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Given the context of Ivel Valley, as an area special school, it remains vital that all children learn in the four prime areas in addition to the specific.   These prime and specific areas can be found below.  These Key Stages are crucial parts of a pupil’s preparation for adulthood and their development of further knowledge and learning skills.

Key Stage Two and Three lessons are based on a play and exploration approach to teaching.  Teachers plan enabling activities with opportunities for children to make progression in each of the prime and specific areas.  The Areas of Learning are delivered through half termly topics which rotate on a three year cycle. 

We recognise that it is important for our pupils to have opportunities to put into practice skills which they are learning in the classroom. Visits to local community such as visiting local shops, cafes and leisure facilities enable these classroom learnt skills to be applied, generalised and embedded in real life situations. Through the engaging curriculum, we provide the children with safe and appropriate ways to begin to develop  skills which will be invaluable for the future e.g. developing independence, resilience

At Ivel Valley, we currently have 6 classes in Key Stage 3. There are 5 classes on the main site and a  satellite class based at Biggleswade Academy.

The curriculum is divided into eight Areas of Learning, which is then sub-divided into aspects.

Aspects of Learning and Development

The table below shows the individual aspects of each area of learning and development.

Area of Learning and DevelopmentAspect
Prime Areas
Personal, Social and Emotional DevelopmentMaking Relationships
Managing feelings & behaviour
Self-confidence & self-awareness
Physical Development
Physical knowledge and skills
Communication and LanguageListening and Attention

Life and Living Skills


Environment and Community
Health and Self-care
Household Tasks
Specific Areas
Reading – Understanding
Shape, space and measure
Understanding the WorldPeople and Communities
The World
Expressive Arts and DesignBeing Imaginative
Exploring and Using Media & Materials

The Areas of Learning are delivered through half termly topics which rotate on a three year cycle.

Topic Overviews

Topic Planning Overview 2022-23

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