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Parents & Carers

Working with families

We understand the challenges of parenting and caring for a child with additional needs. Being a parent is a constant juggling act but help is at help! 

Ivel Valley highly values our partnership with parent, carers and other family memberships – our pupils SEND needs make this even more important.

These are the key elements that we use to build them:

Ongoing Communication

  • We are committed to open, kind communication and value working together
  • We know that in a busy special needs environment problems can arise – we aim to work collaboratively and respectfully with families to work towards solutions
  •  The Leadership Team aim to be contactable as much as possible
  • Please see our Communication Charter for more details

Sharing Progress

  • We use Evidence for Learning across the school and college as our assessment tool and share some of these records every half term
  • We have annual meetings with families to formally review the EHCP
  • Depending on the age of the pupil, progress is sometimes shared on Class Dojo too

Support Teams

  • We have dedicated teams for communication, Positive Behaviour Support (PBS), Family Support and Preparing for Adulthood (PfA) – they can work with pupils, staff and families. Families are welcome to contact them via the office
  • We work as part of multi-agency teams to support pupils alongside professionals such as social workers, nurses and specialist therapists

Shared Activities

  • We absolutely understand that parents / carers have varied commitments and cannot make it to all events
  • We host families in school and college for activities such as:
        • open afternoons in class
        • charity coffee mornings
        • festive activities in December
        • sports days
        • careers festival
        • summer fun days
  • We will sometimes hold workshops on specific subjects – these are advertised on Class Dojo


Ivel Valley School has been perfect for my son. He has made such huge improvements in all areas since attending this school – basic life skills, speech and language and academically. Ivel Valley is an amazing school and I am so thankful for all that they have done to help my family.

Parent of Ivel Valley Pupil 

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